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BVTMA began over 50 years ago and has grown into an organization of dedicated members who teach piano and other instruments to children and adults all over the Brazos Valley.We provide opportunities within our association for students to participate in Hymn Festival, Solo Festival, Focus Festival, Star Performance Recital and Grand Concert.

As an affiliate of Texas Music Teachers Association (TMTA) and Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) we enroll students in Student Affiliate activities such as theory test, composition and performance contests.


Through the years BVMTA has partnered with other groups to provide greater musical experiences for the residents of the Brazos Valley. In 1995 we partnered with the MSC Forsyth Galleries to restore and repair a 1922 grand piano that would be available for all students and professionals. In 2004 the family of Gertrude Luther agreed to provide matching funds for a scholarship in her name.


The stated objectives of BVMTA are to promote higher professional standards, better ethical practices, and improved methods in teaching music so that music, as an art, may attain great excellence and that the music teaching profession may be honored and better understood.

2022-2023 Executive Board

Maki Korczynski


Carol Holtzapple


chris hoffman.jpg
Chris Hoffman

Vice President

Rebecca Utermark.jpg
Rebecca Utermark




Mary Benjamin

Student Affiliate

Marilyn Wade

Ex Officio

2022-2023 BVMTA Committee Chairs

TMTA Theory Chair

Mary Benjamin

Student Performance Contest Chair

Sara Miller

Hymn Festival Chair

Maki Korczynski

Solo Festival Chair

Marilyn Wade & Chris Borchardt

Focus Festival Chair

Laurine Marlow

Beryl Baty Scholarship Chair

Carol Holtzapple

ACM Guild Chair

Chris Borchardt

Star Performance Chair

Anna Kim

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